What is Game Design Gala

Do check out new POSTS above, information about some of the DESIGNERS and a random bucket of PHOTOS

This is a gallery and celebration of designs and to advertise events for game design.

A Game Design Gala is a time and space for the public and designers to meet each other and share their craft. From high quality finished games to musings drawn on poster board: welcome

Please check Posts, above, for updates and musings and such.

Other similar events would be protospiel, unpub: Fantastic events themselves.
Game Design Gala is interested in designers to showcase finished products.

as well as ones that are not finished!

There will be game designers or artists with their games they have made or contributed to.
You ( designer, public, family, friends) play the games the designers brought.
You may give feedback about the games (optional but appreciated)
You may purchase these games (subject to rules and regulations of various venues)
You may be asked to contribute some donation to the center
There will be snacks
There may be a raffle

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